Tips to Extend the Life span of Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roofing system plays a major role in protecting your tenants or employees from harsh weather conditions. However, depending on the climate, material, maintenance and installation, your roof has a limited life expectancy.

Commercial Roof

To ensure that your commercial roof performs well and maintains a long service life, take the time to read this article from State Roofing, a leading exterior improvement company known for quality roofing systems and decks

Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

It’s highly important that you schedule a professional roof inspection, preferably twice a year or after heavy storms. To help determine the current condition of your roof, your chosen roofer will examine for any signs of damage or leaks. Repairing these issues before they get worse reduces roof damage and helps prevent premature failure.

Implement Roof Maintenance and Repairs

In the event your commercial roof suffers damage, you must have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. However, take note that roofing work, much like home improvement projects, must be carried out by an experienced contractor. As a property owner, it’s also essential that you adhere to safety and fall protection guidelines set by OSHA. 

Invest in Technology

Thanks to recent innovations, you can monitor your roof’s overall condition and help investigate roofing, mechanical equipment and building enclosure problems. There are plenty of technologies available to help identify roof leaks or defects. That can be extremely valuable in determining what your roof needs. Examples of diagnostic technologies include high-voltage and low-voltage electronic leak detection (ELD) that identifies specific defects, infrared thermal mapping that can reveal locations and magnitude of moisture damage, and drones that provide visual and aerial infrared images of difficult-to-reach roof areas from above.

By following these tips, your commercial roofing system can remain durable and weatherproof for a long time. For your commercial roofing needs, turn to State Roofing. We also offer other home improvement services, including installing and repairing decks. Call (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. We proudly serve homeowners in Seattle, Tacoma and surrounding areas.

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