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Top Factors That Can Void Your Roofing Warranty

Like most things that undergo wear and tear, residential roofing systems are covered by warranties. These, however, come with exceptions that encourage the need to perform routine maintenance to avoid these structures from getting voided. Here’s a general list of factors that can void your roofing warranty.

Roof repair and replacement

Installing a New Roof Over the Old One

Roof overlay, also known as reroofing, involves the installation of a new roof directly over the old one. It is a cost-saving measure because it eliminates the need to tear the old roofing materials and dispose of them. However, this method can lead to a myriad of problems. For example, reroofing takes away the ability to inspect the old roof structure for existing problems like rot or mold and perform necessary repairs.

Improper Installation

The long-term health and performance of your roofing system hinge on the quality of its installation. Certain installation procedures must be strictly followed to ensure the roof’s integrity, including the fastener patterns, the minimum overlaps of shingles and the type of nails to be used for the project. If designed correctly and properly, manufacturers can warrant their roofing systems to withstand storms and other high-stress conditions.

Disregarding Attic Ventilation

Roofing manufacturers have their specific requirements when it comes to their residential roofing systems’ ventilation.  An adequately ventilated roof has exhaust vents at the ridges and intake vents at the soffits, all of which are correctly sized. Cool, fresh air enters the soffit vents, pushing hot, moist air up and out of the ridge vents. Failure to adhere to manufacturer specifications can compromise the roof due to trapped heat and moisture, voiding its warranty in the process.

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