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What Do Roofers Do If It Rains While Working on a Roof?

In a perfect world, we would all get clear weather when doing roof repairs and installation. But alas, unexpected rain showers can’t be avoided, and the best we can do is be ready for them. In today’s post, local home improvement company State Roofing shares a look at what roofers like us do if it rains while we’re in the middle of a roofing project.

heavy rains residential roof home improvement

Protective Coverings

With every roofing project, we bring protective coverings enough to cover the roofing area. Some roofing work can take more than one day to complete, so these coverings are primarily used on roofs that need to be protected when it’s not being worked on. Part of a professional roofer’s training is how to cover the roof as quickly and as thoroughly as possible in case of sudden rain.

The goal is to prevent any amount of moisture from making direct contact with the unfinished roof, which is why roofers need to be trained for it — it’s not as simple as applying dust covers over furniture. That, and the fact that surfaces can quickly become slippery while raining, which increases the risk of injuries without proper safety equipment.

Treated Materials

Treated wood, like the kind used for building decks, has better resistance against moisture damage, versus the untreated kind. This is why we use only treated lumber, plywood, and OSB (oriented strand board) for building the roof framing and/or decking. They also last longer and are more resistant to the warping and delamination caused by trapped heat and moisture in the attic.

What Do We Do After It Rains?

We don’t immediately remove the roof coverings as soon as the rain stops. First, we check the weather forecast and make sure that the weather will be clear for the next day or so. Outdoor humidity levels are also checked to prevent improper adhesive curing and trapping moisture on the decking. We factor potential delays when planning our roofing timeline. This means, apart from delays caused by unusual weather conditions, our projects are usually finished on time.

State Roofing is your leading provider of roofs and decks. Give us a call at (360) 732-8104. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Seattle and Tacoma, WA, and the surrounding communities.

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