What Happens When You Ignore a Damaged Roof

It is essential for your roofing to remain in good condition so that it can continue to function and provide protection for your home. That is why at the first signs of damage, you should immediately call a professional to carry out repairs. And if the damage seems severe and requires a replacement, make sure to have this done sooner than later.

roof damage

In this post, State Roofing lists some possible consequences when you fail to replace your roof when needed.

Water Damage

Roof systems typically have a long life span. But much like other parts of your home, your roof will eventually age and need replacement. When the time has finally arrived to swap out your old roofing, make sure to have it done right away so as to avoid water damage. If spots where water could enter your home have already been formed, this could compromise the stability of your roof and entire home. Water can also cause rotting in the roof, which could lead to worse damage.

Different Kinds of Hazards

Old or damaged roofing can pose various kinds of hazards. By delaying roof replacement, you could potentially put your home at a fire risk. For instance, if water starts leaking from your roof and into your home, it could come in contact with electrical wiring, depending on the location of the leak. This can easily result in a fire. Apart from fire hazard, damaged roofing can also create health risks. Remember that moisture can also cause mold and mildew, which are definitely bad for your health. So before things get worse, you might want to give your roofing contractor a call regarding roof replacement.

Higher Energy Bills

Aside from water entering your home, you should also look out for heater or cooled air that could be escaping through gaps in your roof. Drafts could be caused by many other things in your home, but they can also be due to a roof in bad shape. Installing a new roof not only solves the problems of drafts, it also prevents increase in your utility bills as well as damage to your HVAC system.

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