What Makes PVC a Good Flat Roof Material?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a single-ply roofing material, typically used in commercial applications. It is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Moreover, this option is also considered as a flexible roof membrane as it can be prefabricated during manufacturing, leaving less waste after installation. 

What Makes Pvc A Good Flat Roof Material?

Read on to discover why you should consider PVC for your flat roofing system. 

High Reflectivity

Thermoplastics come in a wide range of colors, usually in light colors for increased reflectivity. Since they bounce back sunlight, they prevent excess heat in the attic space. Cool roofs arse ideal in hot climates where air conditioning costs are higher and a concern. 

Superior Durability

Materials that last longer have a greater impact on environment life-cycle assessment calculation. When installed and maintained properly, PVC membranes can last and remain efficient for many decades. To ensure your roof lasts longer, make sure to hire an experienced roofing contractor for its installation. 


PVC membranes are weldable within their lifetime, meaning it remains thermoplastic. This allows for roof modifications for solar panels, routine maintenance, and new equipment. 

It’s Lightweight

PVC membranes are usually in the 45mil range and weigh around 0.25 pounds per square foot. Many 60+ mil roofing is getting known for their longer lifespan and better impact and abrasion resistance. 

Seam Strength

Welded seams are much stronger than the sheets. This is beneficial for vegetated roofs as it can prevent roof penetration. 

Chemical Resistance

Certain types of buildings are more exposed to chemicals, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. PVC is more resistant to damage from harsh chemicals and toxins than other materials like asphalt. 

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