Why choose rubber roofing?

In Washington State, we are fortunate to have so much rain that we are known to as the Evergreen State. While all of this green is aesthetically pleasing, and the trees and plants love it, it can be troublesome when trying to determine the best type of roof for your home. Whether you live in a brick tudor, modern farmhouse or ranch style house, there are various types of roofing material that can both fit with the design, and improve your chances of having a low maintenance, moss proof, lifetime roof.

Why Choose Rubber Roofing?

State Roofing is the premier provider of rubber roofing in our region. From Bellingham to Seattle to Tacoma, a lot of old architecture lends itself toward roofing material that has become antiquated, or is no longer up to the standards of our modern day products. If your home is a brick tudor, you might consider a shake or roof, as that typically works well with that style of house. Unfortunately, cedar shake is highly susceptible to moss and algae growth. Over time, sun and water exposure can cause shakes to soften and rot.  Moss, mold and algae are very common problems we see when evaluating old cedar shake roofs, and it is exacerbated in cool, shady, heavy rain environments.

Additionally, wood is flammable. This type of roof is generally known to be a fire hazard, and although most are treated with fire-retardant chemicals, this eventually wears out.

Rubber shake roofing is a fantastic alternative that virtually eradicates all of these concerns. Not only is Euroshake virtually maintenance free, but it is also guaranteed to last 50 years, and is set to withstand the extreme temperatures and significant rains we experience throughout our region.  The interlocking panels help to ensure there is no place for water penetration in the roof, and the dense material allows the roof to take on winds of over 170kph as well as significant hail.

The other great thing about rubber shake is that it is made from over 95% recycled materials (mainly rubber tires!) making it a perfect green solution for your home. On average, 400-600 tires are used in the manufacturing of the material to cover an average single family residential home.  The end result is a strong, durable, roof that can not only stand the test of time, but also withstand weather and significant winds.

Plus, a Euroshake roof is recyclable at the end of its useful life. Since over 11 million tons of asphalt roofing materials are dumped into landfills each year, this sustainable product will not only look good while protecting your home, but it will make you feel good about your purchase too.

If you need a new roof, contact us today to discuss whether Euroshake might be the right option for your home. Whether you live in Olympia, Bellevue, or Woodinville, we can assist in determining the right roofing solution for your home.

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