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Why Is Roof Ventilation Essential, Especially During Winter?

Proper attic ventilation will not only contribute to the longevity of your roof but also to the comfort of your living spaces. It ensures the structure of your home is safe against the damaging effects of excessive moisture. Moreover, making sure that your attic is sufficiently ventilated is more important in the colder months. 

roof ventilation

A local installer of high-quality decks shares why roof ventilation is essential especially during winter. 

What’s the Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation?

Poor attic ventilation can result in a long list of problems in your home, including poor indoor air quality and discomfort. Too much moisture in the roof can accelerate the deterioration of the decking and encourage mold and mildew growth. When not addressed, insufficient ventilation will cause rot in the wooden components of the roof. It will also cause frost and ice dams during winter. 

Why Is It More Vital in Winter?

During winter, heat from your home rises to the attic, so does moisture. If your attic is not properly ventilated, moisture will accumulate in this part of your home. The moisture can penetrate into the structure of your home, which will not only affect the roof’s surface but also its framing. Keep in mind that too much moisture in the attic can risk any items in the space of damage. It’s the same for your electrical system. Moreover, experienced roofing or home improvement contractor can tell if you need to improve your attic ventilation.

With proper attic ventilation, you can also save on energy costs. It helps in preventing hot and cold spots that cause ice dams that can damage shingles. Another benefit of a well-ventilated attic in the winter is that it prevents mold growth, helping protect the health of your household. 

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