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Why Spring is the Best Season for Roof Inspections

Professional roof inspections are ideally conducted at least once a year to ensure longevity and reliable performance. While roof inspections can be done virtually any time in the year, you should consider having it scheduled in the springtime. Local roofing company State Roofing takes a look at the reasons why.

Roof Inspections

Benefits of a Spring Roof Inspection

Most homeowners schedule roofing work during the summer because the weather is more favorable, and that some contractors don’t take appointments until then. However, scheduling your roof inspections during the spring season offers the following benefits:

  • Get ahead of roofing damage. Damage caused by winter conditions can become worse the longer the roof stays in that condition. Early inspections can help you and your roofer identify the areas that need repairs.
  • Choose the roofer and schedule that you want. The summer season may be the ideal season for roofing work, but it is also the busiest for roofers. This means you’d be less likely to hire the roofer that you want at the dates that are most convenient to you.
  • The weather won’t be as harsh. If you’d rather do your own roofing inspections — which can be done without climbing the roof — you can do so under mild weather.
  • You’re preparing your home for the summer season. Summer conditions such as high winds and summer storms can inflict damage to your home in a different way, and you have to make sure that your roof is ready for the season. If your roof needs repairs, you can have it fixed without waiting for the last minute.

Conducting Roofing Inspections on Your Own

Inspections and routine maintenance are two different tasks; both contribute to your roof’s well-being. Unlike maintenance work that needs to be done by a roofing professional, you can conduct your own roofing inspections. All you need is a good pair of binoculars and something to record your notes on.

On a clear day, train your binoculars on every inch of the roofing surface and take note of signs of damage. Pay special attention to the roof edge and the areas where flashing is installed, and note loose or missing components. You can also use different methods like recording video using a remote-controlled drone. At the end of the inspection, call your roofer, discuss your findings, and schedule repairs when needed.

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