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Winter Roof Replacement: Should You Do It?

Sometimes circumstances wouldn’t permit a late-spring to early-fall roof installation. In this blog, roof repair and installation contractor State Roofing discusses whether or not winter roof replacement is a good idea.

Winter Roof Replacement Should You Do It

Can Roofs Be Replaced In the Winter?

The short answer is, yes, roof replacement in the winter can be done. There are, of course, certain conditions that must be fulfilled:

  1. Sound Structure — The roofing has to be able to support the weight of the new roof. This is especially important if you are looking into switching to heavier roofing material like slate. Milder climates allow enough time to bolster the support structure, or even build a new one, but winter installation has its limitations, time-wise. Therefore, it’s better if the existing roof structure can support the new roof’s weight.
  2. Well-Equipped and Trained RoofersRoofing installation during winter carries additional risks for anyone who’s supposed to work on the roof. Therefore, hiring a roofer with the proper safety training and equipment, as well as insurance coverage, can help reduce such risks.
  3. Roofing Materials — Certain types of roofing materials need to be installed within certain temperature and humidity ranges. For example, asphalt shingles may become brittle when installed in low temperatures. Likewise, torched-on membranes might not reach full adhesion when installed during cold days.

Should You Have Your Roof Replaced In Winter?

Winter roof installation is, indeed, possible. But, barring a roofing emergency, should you do it at all? Before you decide to wait until spring to have your roof replaced, consider the benefits:

  1. Roofing Contractors Are Not As Busy — You will have a better selection of roofing contractors, as it’s the off-season. However, you have to book your contractor as soon as you can, as some roofing companies do shut down for the season.
  2. Better Deals — Another potential benefit of off-season bookings is that there may be promotions or discounts.
  3. You’ll Be Ready for the Rest of Winter — Winter season usually reaches its peak in the first few weeks of the new year. Having a new roof by this time means you will spend the rest of the winter season warm and comfortable.

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