Winter Water Leaks and Their Causes

Winter is a time of staying indoors and staying warm, but that might mean you notice a few water leaks and other minor issues in and around your home. This can include plumbing problems or stains from your ceiling, but if there isn’t any snow on your roof, the cause may come from somewhere else. As a trusted professional in roofs and decks, State Roofing shares more insight:

Winter Water Leaks

Ceiling Stains

Water stains on your ceiling are a result of moisture getting into the attic and not being exhausted properly through the roof vents. The moisture turns to frost during the winter season, then when it warms up due to your home’s rising indoor heat, it melts and drips back down to the roof floor. When this happens, you get multiple drips and stains on your ceiling. So, if you’re already seeing numerous splatter-like stains across your ceiling, don’t assume that it’s a leaky roof. It can also be condensation from daily indoor activities such as cleaning or cooking! 

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing-related leaks can occur at any time during the year, and when they happen in the winter, you might initially assume that it’s an ice dam. However, if you have a water leak near a plumbing fixture, water supply, or drain line, make sure to check your plumbing as soon as possible. These types of leaks can be tricky to fix by yourself; hire a trusted home improvement professional to do the job for you instead.

Ice Dams

If your roof isn’t adequately insulated and ventilated, the warm temperatures in your attic can cause condensation made from melted snow on the roof’s surface. This can accumulate in your gutters and cause ice dams, and when it melts during the day and refreezes at night, it can force the frozen water to get underneath the shingles. This leads to water leaks inside your home which can cause more damage if not addressed properly. Make sure there isn’t excess snow on your roof and have its insulation and vents checked by a professional.

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