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Composition Roofing with Rubberlast 50

If you’re considering a new roof, you’ll be attracted to the many upsides of composition roofing. Made from several commonly-used roofing materials like fiberglass or asphalt, composition shingles are fire-retardant and moisture resistant, and protect your home from mold and algae growth. It’s no surprise composition roofs are one of the most popular choices around!

At State Roofing, we’re excited to offer a variety of different types of composition roofing materials. One of our core products is Rubberlast 50, an option specifically designed to protect your home against our wet, rainy winters.

Asphalt is the most common waterproofing material. However, traditional asphalt has poor aging characteristics and is brittle in cold weather and fluid in hot weather, with little resistance to fatigue. Our exclusive RubberLast 50 substantially improves upon these properties. RubberLast 50 enhanced asphalt extends the life of the shingle and significantly improves its wind and hail resistance.

Rubberlast 50

About Rubberlast 50 Composition Roofing Materials

Rubberlast 50 shingles are made of enhanced asphalt that extends the roof’s life while improving its resistance to wind and hail. In our long, damp Washington-state winters, Rubberlast 50 shingles can really protect your roof. A major perk of Rubberlast 50 rubber roofing is that shingles come in a variety of colors including Aged Cedar, Black, Rustic Slate, and Chestnut so you can pick the color that best compliments your roof.

Here are just a few great things to know about Rubberlast 50:

  • One of the strongest, most flexible shingles on the market today
  • Class “A” fire rating
  • Rated to withstand winds up to 110 MPM
  • Includes super granule adhesion, meaning you’ll enjoy 50% less granule loss than permitted by industry standards
  • Features the industry-highest “Class 4” impact resistance, protecting your roof from falling debris
  • Comes with algae resistant “Scotch Guard” to prevent unsightly staining
  • A double-rain seal offers twice the protection against leaks
  • Made with a tough tear-resistant core to prevent tears and cracks
  • Has a nailing area over three-times larger than standard shingles, drastically improving fastener placement

Learn More About State Roofing & Rubberlast 50 Composition Roofing

Are you ready to see if Rubberlast 50 is the right roofing material for your home? Contact the team at State Roofing and our certified roofing pros will help you make the right roofing choice. To get started, call us at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our Contact Form. We look forward to working with you!

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