Hardwood Qualities That Make Them Great for Decks

Hardwoods are a breed of timber derived from deciduous trees, such as oak and mahogany, that lose their broad leaves during winter. Generally, they grow slowly, which contributes to their hardness and and overall quality. Considered a premium building material, they’re highly suitable for outdoor structures. 

Hardwood Qualities That Make Them Great For Decks

For State Roofing, here’s why hardwoods make excellent decks:


Hardwoods are the toughest kind of wood you can buy. Their strength allows them to stand up against the elements night and day. Although softwoods are also utilized in outdoor use, hardwoods can withstand abuses from natural forces more effectively.

Further, some hardwoods are inherently resistant to moisture; teak is a great example. If you want to build a deck that can last for at least 25 years, any roofing and decking expert would recommend a hardwood.


An average individual may not accurately distinguish hardwoods from softwoods just by looking at the grain, but the elegance of the former is unmistakable. Their appearance ranges from light yellows to rich browns; each can lend warmth and drama to your home’s exterior design.

If you want your hardwood deck to remain unfading, applying a UV coating can seal the color. But if you’re like many homeowners that appreciate wood’s natural beauty, allowing it to age with sun exposure can give it a distinctive character.


Owning a deck usually involves a lot of maintenance, but not with hardwoods. They require little upkeep; they’re easy to clean and not so disruptive to repair. If you love the beauty of having a deck but not the responsibility of maintaining it regularly, choose a hardwood for your home improvement.

At State Roofing, hardwoods are only one of the decking materials we offer. We also specialize in cedar, which is a softwood, plus high-quality, composite products from TimberTech and Trex. Call us at (360) 794-7164 now to discuss your decking needs, and get a free estimate in Seattle, WA, or any nearby area.

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