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Rubber Roofing with EuroSHIELD shake

Are you considering installing a roof to protect your home from our cold, damp winters? A rubber roof can be just the thing. With limited seams and resistance to UV rays and strong wind gusts, rubber is an ideal roofing material in our Pacific Northwest region.

At State Roofing, weโ€™re excited to offer and install a variety of rubber roofing materials across Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Olympia. One of our most popular choices is Euroshake, a material made for our unique inclement weather.

Euroshake Tacoma

About Euroshake Rubber Roofing Materials

Euroshake is a rubber roofing material set to withstand the extreme hot and cold conditions we often experience in the Pacific Northwest. Its unique composition means Euroshake roofs are less likely to curl, split, crack or rot. Made from recycled rubber tires, Euroshake roofs are an environmentally friendly solution that keeps your home dry all winter long.

Here are just a few great things to know about Euroshake rubber roofing:

  • ๎’Features an advanced cubical structural design to enhance the โ€œlookโ€ of your home
  • ๎’Manufactured in lightweight sheets of random-width panels to give the appearance of real shake
  • ๎’Its tongue and groove interlocking tiles offer a tight fit to keep rain out
  • ๎’Protects against the deteriorating effects of leaves, pine needles, moss and algae
  • ๎’Highly resistant to impact from falling tree branches and limbs
  • ๎’Resistant to splitting, cracking, curling and other surface wear
  • ๎’Designed to be walked on without any restrictions

Learn More About State Roofing & Euroshake Rubber Roofing Materials

Are you looking for the beauty of shake roofing without the typical maintenance? Euroshake rubber roofs may be the right fit for you. Contact the team at State Roofing and our certified roofing pros will help you pick the right roof for your home. To get started, call us at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our Contact Form. We look forward to working with you!

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