Common Causes of Clogged Gutters

One roofing component you should never overlook is your rain gutter system. It helps deflect water away from your property during a heavy downpour. Without it, water runoff may back up to your roof and also accumulate on your home’s landscaping, leading to possible leaks and foundation problems.

Clogged Gutters

For this reason, make sure that your gutters are free of clogs at all times. State Roofing, a leading roofing installation contractor in the area, shares the common culprits behind clogged gutters. 

Branches and Leaves

Do you have trees planted near your house? They shed leaves throughout the year, especially in the fall. The leaves then find their way onto your roof and into your gutters and downspouts. If your home has a flat or low-sloped roof or is improperly angled toward the downspouts, your gutters may clog faster than usual. To keep water runoff flowing through your gutters, make sure to trim overgrown branches near your home. You may also consider installing a gutter protection system to keep the leaves out. 


All a seed needs is a bit of moisture to sprout and take root. As such, there may be instances where weeds can grow in your gutters. In some cases, the growth may extend to your asphalt shingle or metal roofing system. If you have decaying leaves or any debris in your gutters, it’s likely that weeds could thrive there. Cleaning and maintaining your gutter system regularly helps minimize potential organic growth due to clogs.

Unwanted Critters

Many birds choose to reside in your gutters because they use the material to build their nests. Squirrels and other critters, meanwhile, may also find it comfortable to live in them. As such, it’s important to have your gutters professionally inspected and cleaned to discourage small animals from turning them into their home or breeding ground.

Rotting Material 

When leaves, debris, animal carcasses and other organic matter collect in your gutters, they break down into a black mess of rotting material. It may be great for compost, but it can block your gutters and downspouts, preventing them from performing their function of draining water runoff properly. To avoid rotting material from occurring in the first place, be sure to keep your gutters clog-free.

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