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Should You Replace Your Gutters Along With Your Roof?

Your roof and your gutters play crucial roles in keeping your home dry and free of moisture damage. These components of your home’s exterior, after all, are your first lines of defense against precipitation and other harsh elements. 

Replace Your Gutters Together With Your Roof

But when it’s time to have your roof replaced, is it necessary to have your gutters replaced as well? We answer this question below.

Yes, You Can Replace Your Gutters Along With Your Roof

Tackling gutter replacement at the same time as your roof replacement makes sense, especially if the gutters are already looking worn down like the shingles above them. Combining these projects into one is also more cost-effective than having them done at different times. Plus, you get to achieve savings not only on materials and labor but also on building permits. Having them done at the same time makes it easier to handle, especially if you’re financing the project using noncash methods like a home equity loan.

But It May Not Be Necessary

To be sure, ask your roofing contractor to examine your gutters and provide you with a written estimate. It’s also likely that any issues they discover will only require simple repairs, deeming replacement unnecessary. Then again, the size and severity of the gutter damage will determine how much work is required. 

Ultimately, the decision should be based on the overall condition of your gutters. If they’re bound to be replaced anyway, make sure you get a high-quality replacement. It also helps that you work with a reputable contractor who can do both roof and gutter replacement. In the Puget Sound region, that would be State Roofing. Through our exceptional products and top-notch installation, you won’t have to worry about water damage.

State Roofing is a locally recognized business that helps protect your home and your loved ones, holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the prestigious Silver Award for “Family Business of the Year” from Seattle Business Magazine. To learn more about our roofing and gutter services, call us at (360) 794-7164. You may also fill out our online contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Seattle and Tacoma, WA.

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