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3 Ways to Successfully Manage Your Roofing Project

Roofing projects, whether they involve repair or replacement, are usually costly and time-consuming. They take careful planning and management to ensure their success. But where exactly do you start? State Roofing, a top residential and commercial roofing contractor in the area, shares tips on how to keep your roof project running safely and smoothly. 

 Roofing Project Management Success

1. Understand the project’s scope. You’ll want to create a plan that covers every aspect of your roofing project. Once you have a clearer idea about the extent of your roof repair or replacement, your choice of contractor will be able to establish a more accurate cost estimate. Of course, you’ll want to review all the project details and essentials with your roofing contractor before having the work started. This way, you can effectively manage any issues or change orders if and when they come up.

2. Adhere to local codes and regulations. Roofing projects are generally influenced by building codes. It pays to fully comply with building codes, and not only because it allows for a stress-free project experience. When followed to the letter, these codes ensure that your roof is not just sturdy and well-designed but safe as well. As a leading residential roofing company in the area, State Roofing understands the importance of following local building codes. We make sure to comply with them, and we never start any project without the requisite building permits in place.

3. Prepare your home accordingly. Don’t underestimate the mess generated by a roofing project. Flying roof debris is not uncommon, and you’ll want your property to be safe and intact before and after the construction work. The first thing you need to do is make sure both you and your roofer are on the same page about protecting your home and property against possible damage. Direct your roofer’s attention to areas that may need special protection, such as a pool, outdoor hot tub or vegetable garden. Cover any plants and shrubs directly under your roof, and clear your outdoor space of any garden equipment, ornaments or furniture.

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