Busting Some Common Roof Maintenance Myths

When you’re looking at a new roof for your commercial or residential building, there’s probably a lot of information you’ll come across. How do you know what is fact and what is fiction? Working with a professional roofer can help you keep things straight, but the following are a few common myths and the reality behind them to get you started.

Busting Some Common Roof Maintenance Myths

#1 – “Roof Maintenance Is Not Required”

Not true! If you skip out on roof maintenance, your roof will miss some good years of life. Small issues will not be caught in time, which results in larger, more costly repairs in the future. If your roof has a warranty, many of those guarantees are only effective if the roof has had an annual inspection and maintenance has been taken care of in a timely manner.

#2 – “Modern Roofs Don’t Need Maintenance”

While many modern conveniences are easier to maintain, it’s still important to conduct regular maintenance on your roof. Modern roofing materials are more durable and efficient, even easier to install to begin with, but they still require inspections, repairs, and maintenance. There is a large number of roofs that are replaced sooner than they should be because the owners don’t keep up with maintenance. Don’t be one of those, keep your modern roof maintained.

#3 – “Materials Warranties Cover All Roofing Issues”

Unfortunately, there are very few common roofing issues covered by materials warranties. These warranties cover defective manufacturer materials only, which make up a small percentage of repairs often needed. Wear and tear from the weather, poor installation, and missed maintenance are more common issues and are not covered by manufacturer materials warranties. When your roof is regularly inspected and maintained, those issues are more likely to be caught in a timely manner.

Learning More About Your Roof

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