How Do Roof Soffits Help Your Home?

Your roof is made up of multiple intricate components. All of which work together to protect you and your family against the elements while granting your home energy efficiency. One component in particular tends to be overlooked despite its great contributions to your home, which is called the soffit. In this post, your trusted roofing company, State Roofing, shares how roof soffits help your home.

roof soffit

Where Is the Soffit Located?

The soffit can be described as your roof’s underbelly. It’s basically the material between your roof’s eaves where the fascia and gutters are fixed to the wall. If your roof doesn’t have an overhang, then it doesn’t have soffits. When you step outside your home and look up at your roof, do you notice a protrusion that looks like your home’s siding that extends from your home’s facade? If you do, then you’ve finally spotted your soffits.

Why Are Soffit Boards Important?

Your roofing contractor would tell you that your soffits are important since they facilitate passive ventilation for your attic. Keep in mind that a hot and humid attic can be the source of serious roofing and structural damage, like mold growth and rotting. This goes to show how important your soffit boards are. 

Before soffits were the staple choice for circulating air through your roof, gable or hood vents were the go-to choice to create air flow. However, their main problem lies in the fact that they don’t circulate air. They merely spread air in specific locations, allowing mold to grow in spots where it didn’t circulate. Soffits hold an advantage since it draws heat and moisture away from your home and provides sufficient ventilation for your attic.

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