Rubber Shingles: How Do They Compare to Regular Asphalt?

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing option, but many alternatives are making a dent in their popularity. For example Euroshield®’s Euroshake and Euroslate. Although they’ve been on the market for about two decades, they’ve already shown impressive potential to give asphalt shingles a run for their money.

Rubber Shingles: How Do They Compare to Regular Asphalt?

As the local authority on Euroshield rubber roofing shingles, State Roofing talks about how they fare in key areas:


There are those who may claim traditional asphalt shingles don’t make a sound, lifelong investment, and they’re not wrong. Building experts would say they usually need replacement after their 25th year. Before reaching such a milestone, many of the original materials would have succumbed to damage. If you want a new roof that can grow old with you and your home, asphalt shingles are not the best choice.

On the contrary, rubber shingles are expected to last up to 75 years. Their longevity rivals that of other tough materials, like metal. They don’t chip, rust or dent, and come with powerful, non-prorated warranty coverage.


Asphalt shingles may be the most economical in the industry, but any experienced roofing contractor wouldn’t consider them cost-effective. Their potentially expensive life-cycle costs could offset any savings you may reap from them initially. On the other hand, rubber shingles are low-maintenance and long-lasting; they give much more value for your money.


Rubber shingles have approximately 95% recycled content, making them the world’s finest synthetic roofing material available today. They’re made from reclaimed tires that would otherwise congest landfills. Every Euroshield roof installed for an average-sized home keeps 250 to 1,000 used rubber tires from becoming environmentally harmful waste.

If you’re searching for a reliable roofing company that can install Euroshield products to perfection, look no further than State Roofing. Call us at (360) 794-7164 now to learn more about your different rubber shingle options, and get a free, no-obligation estimate. We proudly serve Kirkland, Tacoma and the surrounding Seattle, WA communities.

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