The 3 Cs for Choosing the Right Metal Roof Color

A metal roof can be the perfect accentuating feature of your home, but choosing the right color can be tricky. The fact that it comes in a variety of hues makes it a challenge to zero in on the best color for your home. And considering that you choice of color will be a decision you live with for decades, be sure to take the time to understand the different options.

The 3 Cs for Choosing the Right Metal Roof Color

If you ask an experienced roof repair and replacement specialist, like State Roofing, here are the considerations you shouldn’t overlook:


The right metal roof color should make your home stand out without departing from the norm. Believe it or not, some hues might be restricted in your neighborhood association. Check your homeowner’s association guidelines about home improvement rules and regulations to see if roof color is restricted to neighborhood guidelines. It may seem restrictive, but it actually makes your life easier by narrowing your options.

If you can use any color you choose, check if there’s any existing theme on your block. Any roofing expert would say that blending in matters to increase your home’s value. In case you decide to put your property on the market, it might deter prospective buyers if it’s the odd one out.

Curb Appeal

Think about your home’s style. Your choice of roof color should reflect its aesthetic to accentuate its distinctive personality. Research the historically accurate exterior color palette associated with your home’s architecture to get an idea about the combinations you can and can’t use.

Check trends for guidance. But if still in doubt, go with a neutral selection. Neutral colors are forgiving, versatile and timeless.


Yes, your local climate is also a deciding factor. Generally, dark roofs shine in cold climates, while light-colored ones stand out in warm and sunny weather. While color is usually correlated with energy efficiency, the roofing material’s inherent heat-reflecting properties, as well as ventilation and insulation, contribute more to performance.

State Roofing can help you figure out the most suitable color for your metal roof. Call us at (360) 794-7164 now to discuss your project, and get a free estimate in Everett, Bothell, Seattle or any neighboring WA community.

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