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The Three Rs of Commercial Roofing

Did you know that commercial roofs do not necessarily need to be replaced in the event they develop issues? According to research, 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily due to a lack of knowledge or incorrect information.

Commercial Roofing

When dealing with a commercial roofing issue, it’s recommended to follow the three Rs of commercial roofing — repair, restore and replace. Read on to learn more.


The first step is to contact a trusted roofer if you find visible leaks or water spots on your ceilings and walls. If caught early enough, your contractor can make the required repairs and avoid the need for a replacement. Repairs, however, are often temporary solutions, so they are ideal for minor issues that do not impact the entire roof area.


When your roofing system leaks often or the problem is more serious than minor damage, a restoration would be a better, longer-lasting option than a repair. In this type of approach, your existing roofing material will not be removed. This means the job will be done faster than a complete roof replacement. Roofers typically opt for restoration when they are handling more serious roofing concerns. Waterproofing the roof is also an essential step in this procedure to ensure the roof will last.


If the roof leaks frequently or there is substantial damage to your roof decking or other significant roofing components, a full replacement is usually suggested by experts. Before installing the new roofing material, your contractor will remove the old layers and perform any necessary repairs.

Whether you need a residential roof installation or a commercial roof replacement, you can count on State Roofing to assist you. We offer a range of roofing options for different types of properties, so you can ensure your roofing system meets your needs. To schedule a consultation or request a quote, call us at (360) 794-7164  or fill out our contact form.

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