Things Property Owners Must Know About Roofing Warranties

The roof is essential for the protection of your commercial property, and it is a major investment. When getting a new roof for your building, one of the most important things to factor in is the warranty. You want a comprehensive warranty that will protect your investment against manufacturing defects that can cause early roof failure. 

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A trusted installer of decks and roofs shares basic things about commercial roofing warranties every property owner should know. 

What Are the Types of Commercial Roofing Warranties?

The two main types of commercial roofing warranties are manufacturer’s warranty and contractor’s warranty. Make sure that you have both protecting your roof. Assess the terms of each warranty when deciding which materials to choose and the company that will install them. 

Manufacturer warranties usually cover defective materials, while contractor warranties cover workmanship. Whether you are getting new decks or a roof, make sure to hire a skilled company for their installation. Keep in mind that even the best quality materials can fail when not installed correctly. 

Who Should You Contact for Roof Repairs?

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to replace defective products at no cost for the warranty’s duration. However, they are not required to replace products from your contractor or cover problems related to a roofer’s improper installation. Moreover, your contractor is responsible for repairs and replacements of materials they supply. They also must correct any installation mistakes as long as your warranty is valid. 

How Do You Keep Your Warranty Valid?

You can keep your warranty by taking proper care of your commercial roofing system. Most warranties require property owners to regularly maintain their roofs for the coverage to stay valid. Neglect is one of the most common causes of voided roofing warranties. Other things that can void your roofing warranty include unauthorized modifications on the roof and unaddressed storm damage.  

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