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What Are the Causes of Recurring Roof Leaks?

In some cases, contractors visit homes more than once to mitigate the source of roof leaks. Recurring leaks in roofs are a common problem many homeowners face. If you are experiencing this issue, notify your roofer immediately.

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A local provider of decks and exterior renovation services share common causes of persistent roof leaks.

Misdiagnosis of the Problem

Leaks are not always easy to find and the source can sometimes be difficult to spot. Because of this, contractors can overlook other leaking areas. When they don’t get to address all the affected parts of the roof, leaks will persist.

Not Using the Right Material for Repairs

Make sure that you only hire a reputable home improvement contractor for your roofing needs. You should choose a roofer with relevant experience, valid license, insurance and certifications. It is easy for unqualified people to use the wrong materials when repairing your roof. They often offer lower prices and use of poor quality materials.

The Leak is Not Coming from the Roof Itself

Leaks may be coming somewhere within your roof and not just the roof itself. Your contractor may have missed this problem area during the initial inspection and repair.

Water Reach Other Ares of the Roof

Leaks will recur if your roofer only repaired one side of the roof while the other side also has problems. If this is the case, water will travel to the untouched side of the roof and new leaks will occur in that area. To avoid this problem, have your entire roofing system inspected.

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