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What’s the Difference Between Rafters and Trusses?

Constructing a new home or building an addition involves making a lot of decisions. One thing you have to decide on is how you will support your roofing system. Back in the day, the most popular method was to install rafters, but today, many homeowners are choosing trusses. 

roof support

Read on to find out how rafters differ from trusses. 

Rafters vs. Trusses

Rafters are elongated planks that usually incline from a central ridge beam and intersect with the outer walls. The main role of rafters is to support the roofing surface and the sheathing. This method of supporting a roof is called stick framing. 

Typically made of wood, trusses form a triangle-based webbing that supports a roofing system. They are essential in supporting the roof while typing the outside walls of a house. Chords are the sloping beams that extend to the top of the truss and the beam that runs horizontally across the bottom. 

How Do They Differ From Each Other?

Rafters are ideal for those who wish to turn their attic into an extra room. It gives you a more expansive space that you can use for storing your belongings. This construction provides attic insulation that acts as a radiant barrier. The downside of rafters is that they take longer to construct, which can extend the duration of your project. It requires more people to work on the project as well. 

On the other hand, the construction of trusses is faster, and they offer superior weather resistance. It can be finished in a day or two and can even have better strength than rafters. However, with this option, you will not get the opportunity to build an extra room in your attic. If you decide to redesign your home in the future, altering trusses can be more complex than with rafters. 

Generally, rafters and trusses have similar qualities and their own advantages. Knowing more about their characteristics can help you determine which option is ideal for you. 

No matter which you prefer, hiring a skilled roofing contractor is essential. At Choose State Roofing, you can count on us for your roof repair and replacement needs. Call us at (360) 794-7164 or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We work with clients around Seattle, Bothell and Everett, WA.

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