Why Your Home Needs Roof Vents

Your residential roof installation consists of many different components that work together to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter season. Your roof vents, in particular, are also crucial in ensuring your indoor air quality stays within comfortable and healthy levels. To understand more about roof ventilation and its benefits, State Roofing shares more details:

Roof Vents

How Roof Ventilation Works

Your roof’s vents provide a continuous airflow through the attic space. This prevents the rising warm air from accumulating in your attic which may otherwise cause moisture to form and affect your roof’s inner components. It consists mainly of two types of vents:

  • Intake Vents – These are where fresh outdoor air comes into your attic to replace the warm indoor air. They’re typically located near the lower edges of the roof such as the soffits and fascia boards. Make sure they’re not blocked by excess insulation so that they work properly.
  • Exhaust Vents – These are located close to the peak of your roofing installation. They’re designed to allow the rising warm and stuffy air to escape your attic. These should also stay clean and free of clogs so that they perform properly. 

How You Benefit From Roof Ventilation

With adequate ventilation, your roof helps keep your home energy efficient. On days when the winter weather is mild, it keeps your home’s indoor temperature naturally cool by allowing the heat to escape while letting the cool air inside. This reduces your HVAC workload and lowers your monthly energy bills. Since the heat from your attic doesn’t accumulate, it prevents the snow from melting and forming ice dams. This prevents it from getting in between your roof’s shingles and causes rot and moisture damage underneath, extending your roof’s lifespan!

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